"Children make you want to start life over." — Muhammad Ali

Our Preschool Program

Since 1968, Dubuque Montessori School has provided thousands of children with the learning tools needed to build a solid foundation for future growth, development and success. Dubuque Montessori is a parent-run, nonprofit organization. Parents serve on the board of directors, which in conjunction with the administrator, Montessori-trained teaching staff, and experienced assistants, make important decisions regarding the school.

Our preschool and kindergarten programs provide an enriching developmental experience in an environment of personal respect and responsible freedom. Our carefully prepared classrooms offer socialization and formal learning experiences for children ages 2-6. Gross motor coordination activities, learning units and Montessori manipulation materials are always available which keep the children challenged and excited about learning. Classroom time is spent in the basic Montessori subject areas:

Specific Montessori materials are part of the Montessori methodology. We also incorporate into our curriculum: