Parent Club

Welcome to Dubuque Montessori School's Parent Club

As a parent or family member of a child at Dubuque Montessori, you are now a member of Parent Club. Each year, Parent Club does various things for the staff and families of Dubuque Montessori School. One of our missions is to provide support to the staff of our wonderful school and acknowledge how much they do for our children. A few of the ways we accomplish this is by providing lunch on in-service days, by providing the staff with monthly powerful positives, and by organizing Staff Appreciation Week. Another goal of Parent Club is to gather the children and families of Dubuque Montessori School through fun social activities.

We can use your help. Parent club asks for a $10.00 donation to help us keep the Club active. Please remit to school, your donation payable to the Dubuque Montessori School Parent Club. If you are interested in becoming personally involved please be sure to fill out your Parent Volunteer Form and we will contact you.

In advance, thank you for your support.